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In the article, Jazzlanta: The Future of Atlanta Jazz, I briefly spoke about house concerts being the new phenomena around the country. With the lack of live performances at restaurants and clubs on a local scale, it’s becoming more of a challenge for artists who depend on shows to gain exposure, build an intimate relationship with fans and sell merchandise. With the record industry transitioning into the Digital Age and record sales declining, touring and performing live is the last outlet an artists has in sustaining a decent standard of living. If this outlet collapses, what is left for an artist to capitalize, especially in this economic recession? House concerts are proving to be an alternative for artists to regain exposure, build a loyal following, sell their CD and merchandise, as well as receive a percentage of ticket sales. At a restaurant or club, artists are usually tuned out by side talk amongst the audience and distractions at the bar, which in turn lessens the possibility of an artist connecting with their fans. When the show is over and its time to sell merchandise; who really paid attention and listened to the point where they will happily purchase anything the artist has to offer? With that being said, even if the opportunity to perform at local restaurants and clubs were to thrive and the opportunity, look at the atmosphere and experience that it produces. With home concerts, a resident would provide a space for family, friends and neighbors to enjoy an evening of music. The benefits of that would be a trusted and welcoming environment. You can exclude the distractions that you would endure at a restaurant or club because the people came to see you, so you have their attention. With that environment and the center of attention being solely on you, this increases the chances of you selling more CDs and merchandise because you can connect with the audience on an intimate level. At the end of the day, you walk away with new fans, money from selling your CD and merchandise, money from ticket sales at the door and last, but not least, you can save on hotel costs because the host will probably let you stay overnight in their guest room. As house concerts become more widespread, this could definitely redefine the live performance and how an artist can connect with their fans. Below is a video from Concerts In Your Home, giving you insight about the new phenomena.



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