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Unconsultancy? The prefix “un” means that something is “not” or the “opposite of”. So unconsultancy means it’s “not” or the “opposite of” consultancy. However, exploring new practices that are gaining popularity such as unconferences and unconventions, the prefix “un” is used in a different sense. With unconferences, unconventions and unconsultancy they still follow the traditional sense of being what they are, however, the way these new practices are being held is what makes them uncommon. The usual way these practices would be held would be a person or persons would attend a meeting or an event to hear a lecturer or a professional speak to them about a given topic. This would be called a monologue. With the “un” crowd, the meeting or event would be more of a dialogue where everyone would engage in conversation. The person who created the concept and coined the term “unconsultancy” is Andrew Dubber, an online music consultant, co-author of the blog Music Think Tank and author of the blog New Music Strategies.  He took the “un” idea along with the couch surfing concept and created the niche. How does this work? Well, you, the musician, would call Andrew to setup an engagement in your town. Instead of booking a hotel for Andrew or Andrew booking a hotel for himself, you would provide the room and board at your place of residence. There, he would provide his services to you personally or to a group of people that you invited. This idea makes for a better turnout because Andrew can give you more sound advice because he gets a chance to know you personally in person. This idea also cuts down on the expenses involved if things were setup the old fashion way. Taking it a step further, this would be a great idea for music labels – people providing a service to the music community, to explore the world at a cheaper rate and give musicians their services. In return, musicians would get more value and sessions tailored specifically for you and your crowd. During “The Great Recession”, saving money by working together and embracing the barter system will help us to explore new possibilities and evolve.



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