I recently gave a lecture about the future of music, which was aimed at providing concepts, information and resources to music fansartists and labels to apply and establish a stronger foundation and position themselves to endure the infinite possibilities and opportunities awaiting them. I feel that it’s very important to understand and embrace the essence of change because this is the perfect opportunity for you to seize the moment. Everything is going through transition right now, from our economy to the music industry to our way of life.

As a music futurist I incorporate 
integral philosophy as the framework for my research, which in turn produces sound solutions and thought provoking predictions. In my lecture, I laid out a road map that could hopefully shape the music industry of tomorrow. Below is an outline to road map I’ve constructed:

Music Fan
.Discovering new music
.Creating conversation and communities around the music
.Future Outlook
     .Future magazines publishers
     .Future radio stations
     .Future music video channels

Music Artist
.Adding value to your music
.Building web presence and relationships w/ your fans.
.Future Outlook
     .Music subscriptions
     .House and/or Community concerts 
     .Virtual Reality

Music Label
.The 3 E's (Embrace/Engage/Empower)
.Establishing a market for the community
.Future Outlook
     .Open Access Platforms
     .All Digital Music Conglomerate

With the music fan, assisting them with discovering new music, which will in turn help them to redefine their musical taste, will cause them to create conversation (word of mouth) and social communities around the music they love. We’re seeing this take shape now as social media has allowed people to do so. I conclude as more people are introduced to sites such as 
Last.fmimeem,IssuuPodomatic, and Muzu TV, they will be the ones to create in demand online music magazines, radio shows and music video channels.

With music artists, I will share with them new concepts and models to add more value to their music, thus creating a musical experience. This in turn will help them to build web presence and deeper relationships with their fans. With new concepts, models, outlets and platforms that will add quality and attract a wider audience for the artist, I feel this would open the door for 
music subscriptionsinstead of depending solely on album sales, touring opportunities at house and/or community concerts, and virtual reality experiences on sites such Second Life and/or Machinima.

With music labels, I will stress the importance of embracing change, engaging with your community, and empowering the world. I feel that this would set the stage for establishing a deeply rooted and sound market, which would involve the acceptance of sharing music, 360 degree deals that are fair and ethical, and establishing relationships with online personnel (bloggers, podcasters, vodcasters, cyber pr firms, etc.). I conclude that this would pave the way for open access platforms where music fans, artists, and labels work together and share in the wealth, and create all digital music conglomerates that will operate solely online.

As I become more involved in the industry, delve deeper into my research, and continue to pay close attention to the emerging trends and advancing technologies, the road map that I’ve laid out for you today will become more precise and valuable over time. I am currently working on an eBook which would expand on the outline above in more detail. If you’re a music fan, artist, or label who wants to understand the essence of change, wants to know what the future has in store for the music industry, and position yourself for success, I suggest that you subscribe to my channels below.



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