With the same topics and debates being reiterated across various sites about the state of the music industry; where does one go for the latest thought provoking and progressive discussions? With an impressive track record and portfolio, The Music Void (TMV), a “leading source for music business information”, is standing up and answering the call.

TMV launched in 2007 at a time when the music industry was experiencing a major paradigm shift. During that time music became mobile with the release of the iPhone, personalized radio sites such as Last.fm and Pandora began to emerge, and major artists like MadonnaRadiohead, and NIN, dropped their record labels to connect directly with their fans. While the corporate elite were scrambling around trying to figure out what was happening, TMV was analyzing the field and building a foundation on informing their audience about the latest trends, new business models, and strategies that would revitalize a dying industry.

Fast forward a couple of years and TMV has been consistent in their push to “address the need for greater analysis within the blogosphere”. They have built a team and network of well-informed, experienced, and innovative leaders who speak on various topics spanning from new business strategies, online marketing, and the emerging mobile market. As for their network, TMV offers services and stages events for those seeking to expand their presence, knowledge, and career in the music business.

Their network includes:
Music Void Consultancy (MVC) is a digital marketing service that will “drive and convert awareness into revenue.”Outside of social media, blog management, and building web presence, MVC pushes ahead of most PR firms by targeting key areas such mobile management, establishing and recruiting E-teams, and exploiting digital content across various digital platforms.

Music Void Events (MVE) are engaging and intense “labs” that give applicant companies and projects the opportunity to receive insight from keynote speakers, mentoring from leading minds in the digital space, and a chance to present and share their innovative ideas. In partnership with X|Media|Lab, the “internationally acclaimed digital media think-tank and creative workshop, MVE is planning to stage a number of “Sounds Digital” events in 2010; with their first being in London in April.

Music Void Management (MVM) provides services to aspiring producers and artists who want to expand their awareness and excel in the music business. The services they offer range from marketing, label relations, recording and publishing, through to licensing records.

In such a short period of time, TMV has soared above and beyond what they set out to do. Being more than an outlet for information, they have rose to the heights of offering services and staging events that will definitely keep the music industry well-informed and ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for thought provoking information, a solution and action oriented marketing team, management, or an event to challenge your ideas, The Music Void will surprisingly (pun intended) bridge the gap and ensure you drive a project forward to success.

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