The iRule Music Experience is the first project from Third World Nation whose aim is to PROVIDE an outlet for artistic expression, PRESENT information from an integral perspective to raise awareness and PROPOSE alternatives and solutions to build a stronger and more effective music community.  We will complete our mission utilizing the CREATE>BUILD>MARKET Model. The main objectives of the model are to:

(1)CREATE awareness about the challenges and opportunities affecting the music industry; whether you're a music fan, artist or label.
(2)Provide the resources, ideas and strategies for music fans, music artists and music labels to BUILD the music community.
(3)Establish a MARKET to begin the process of constructing the music community.

Beneath the iRule Music brand are the iRule Atlanta brand, whose aim is to uplift and progress the Atlanta music community, and the WTFM? brand, who provides an audio and digital magazine, as well as a digital music store to discover, listen to and purchase music from artist around the world. 

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